I’m Not Tired, So Why Do I Have Bags Under My Eyes?

Eyelilds Rome, GeorgiaBags below our lower eyelids are one of the more irritating facets of aging. In some people, there is a genetic tendency to also develop purple color in this area for a double whammy.

The question is — why does this happen? This month’s blog will give you a little background. Then, once you understand what’s behind those bags, if you’d like to do something about them, Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. Robinson both are experts with eyelid surgery.

Where do these bags come from?

As we age, fat migrates out of the space enclosed by the eye socket. It descends and forms a puffy area under the eye. This tissue can also fill with water. This makes these already puffy tissues even puffier when we retain water, which happens when we eat too much salt, with monthly hormonal changes for women, when we’re not getting enough sleep, or when we’re suffering from allergies. 

Why are my under-eye circles purple?

Dark circles also plague some people in this area. These form for a variety of reasons:

  • The skin under the eyes is thinner than just about anywhere on the body. This thinness is a problem because in this area it sits upon purple muscle and blood vessels. This gives the skin a purple-toned hue.
  • There is a genetic factor here, as well. If your parents had dark circles, it’s likely you do as well.

What can I do about my bags and dark circles?

There are some home treatments you can do to reduce puffiness and darkness of your under-eye circles. Cut down on salt, get enough sleep, sleep on two pillows or raise the head of your bed (lying flat tends to allows the tissues to accumulate fluid), and use cool compresses.

But these measures probably won’t remedy the problem to the degree you would like. That’s when you can have Dr. Snodgrass or Dr. Robinson help you with your under-eye circles. First, they can use a dermal filler, such as Restylane, to fill the hollow space. This will soften the tear trough and lighten the darker pigmentation. This happens because there is now some buffer between the skin and the underlying tissue.

But surgery, known as blepharoplasty, could be more effective to really address the fat pad under the eye and deal with under-eye bags. This surgery will remove excess skin and reposition or remove fat. If appropriate, certain muscles will be tightened.

Tired of your tired under-eye bags and circles? Call the team at Snodgrass & Robinson at (706) 378-0200. Winter’s a great time to rejuvenate your eyes.

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