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When you’re considering a Carrollton plastic surgery procedure, it’s important that you trust and are comfortable with your surgeon. It’s important that your surgeon and his or her staff have extensive training and experience. It’s important that you’ll be taken care of in state-of-the-art surgical facilities. It’s not important that your surgeon is located just around the block.

That could be the reason patients from all over Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama come to Snodgrass & Robinson Plastic Surgery at our beautiful offices in Rome. Many of those patients make the hour and 15-minute drive from Carrollton to our plastic surgery clinic. Our patients come for the extensive surgical experience of Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. Robinson. They love our personalized approach to patient care from the moment they walk through our practice door. And they love how our surgeries and other aesthetic treatments make them look and feel.

But don’t take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials on our site, and we hope you’ll check out reviews of our practice on other health review sites on the web. You’ll probably come across some reviews from neighbors in Carrollton! Then call and schedule a consultation, jump in the car and head north on Highway 27. You’ll be at our offices on Three Rivers Drive in about 75 minutes.

Here’s a brief overview of the services we provide for Carrollton plastic surgery patients at Snodgrass & Robinson Plastic Surgery Specialists:

  • Breast Augmentation — There are many decisions you’ll make with augmentation. Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. Robinson will walk you through each one so you feel completely comfortable with your choices. Maybe that’s why we perform over 200 augmentation procedures every year!
  • Breast Lift — If your breasts have sagged and flattened from pregnancy and breastfeeding or weight gain and subsequent loss, a breast lift will return your breasts to a higher position on the chest.
  • Mommy Makeover — You love your kids, but you may not be so fond of your “mom” body. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are tough on a woman’s body, but our mommy makeovers target the problem areas and give you your body back… and maybe then some!
  • Tummy Tuck — The localized weight gain of pregnancy can stretch the skin, support tissues, and muscles of the abdomen to the point where they cannot return to their pre-pregnancy degree of tautness. In many cases, the woman’s stomach muscles can even separate in the center. A tummy tuck tightens underlying muscles and removes excess skin to flatten your stomach and slim your contour.
  • Liposuction — No matter what kind of shape you’re in, we all have pockets of stubborn fat here and there that just won’t go away. Our tumescent liposuction procedures tell that fat where to go, slimming your contour in the process.
  • Facelifts — The passage of time, declining collagen production, and sun and environmental damage all team up to age our faces. Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. Robinson utilize various facelift techniques that will turn back the clock.
  • Eyelid Lifts — Eyelid surgery is one of the top five cosmetic procedures year in and year out. That’s because it makes dramatic improvements to the sensitive skin on your eyelids and around your eyes, but the changes are subtle enough that no one will know you’ve had eyelid surgery.
  • Injectables — Whether the wrinkles and lines are caused by muscle contractions on the upper third of the face (the domain of Botox and Dysport) or due to sun damage and declining collagen on the lower face (Juvederm, Restylane, etc.), we offer all the injectables you need to show those wrinkles who’s the boss.
  • Male Breast Reduction — If you’ve turned down a waterskiing invitation to West Point Lake because you’re embarrassed by your enlarged male breasts, this may actually be a condition known as gynecomastia, rather than the “man boobs” your buddies have chided you about. We can correct that with a simple surgery and you can be proud to take off that shirt again.

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